Transparency in flex and its data chain does not only make ‘the other’ see better

3 reasons to enhance your own experience by being open and collaborative in the administrative processing of flex.

We at FlexForceMonkey strongly believe in more transparency in flex. Clear views on the data chain in flex hiring. We certainly do not think that all business partners are dishonest with each other and deliberately keep each other in the dark on process insights. But we do think though, that collaborating on one joint process enables everyone in the flex business to be more effective and efficient.

Below are 3 main reasons why business partners should want to be more open and collaborative in their flex processing:

1. Improve transparency in flex and waste less time and money on data and invoice issues

When all resources are connected in the same online process, data can automatically be reused instead of retyped. This naturally avoids all sorts of issues in the daily business-connectivity between parties. For example: when all parties see the same order details, everyone can work together in setting up a correct timesheet. Following any logical end to end process, we all know this can only lead to an invoice that is by-deault correct and hassle-free.

2. Improve transparency in flex and boost energy on the right emotions (especially when it touches the flex resource)

The moment administrative processes start to stall, that is the moment that everyone gets involved. And everyone means exactly that, so also the flex resource. Let us agree on the fact that her/his journey should be about delivering it’s A-game. Wasting time on getting your finances sorted out should not be in the function sheet! So when you want to avoid negative emotions, make sure that all other agents in the process are involved in the day-to-day data. And even better: by working together with your supply chain partners on flex workforce cases, you generally trigger the right emotion. Collaboration makes people think positively (we trust on the fact that you are somehow capable of happy business partners off course😉). Organizations that keep to themselves; companies that do not share details easily; corporates that are into e-business processes with a 1990’s perspective of keeping your cards close; they all trigger negative emotions. “When you do not share, there must be something to hide”. A fairly limited human emotion but a sure one nonetheless.

3. Improve transparency in flex and improve the quality of commercials

When you want to build a long-term relationship with your business partners, try to get past the standards of financially-driven commercials. Off course performance is a key satisfier in any contractual game, you should focus on that. But next to that, when you look at the same data with that partner, you will get more than just performance debate. Even better, when you are both responsible for the joint end-to-end data set. We can guarantee you that you shift into next gear immediately. The path to purpose driven commercials opens up and talks or negotiations deepen.

Are you ready to join the collaborative flex experience?

So when you want to be sure about building a sustainable flex business focus your digitization on process collaboration. Either if your are a corporate client or an SME supplier in this game, transparency in flex is key. This helps your business partner align better with your needs and daily operations and eventually enhances your own experience as well. Please feel free to get in touch.

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