Temp labor market in The Netherlands to grow 11%

Yesterday, the ABU (Dutch industry association for private employment agencies) announced growth for the Dutch temp labor market. The first period in 2018 showed an 11% growth in revenu. This growth is in comparison to these same weeks in 2017.

The number of billable hours showed an increase of 8%.

Within the Dutch temp labor maket, every set of four weeks is regarded as a period. This growth figure was about period 1-2018.

Reviewed in market segments, the growth rate of 11% can be addressed primarilly to “Industry” and “Technology”:

  • Administrative jobs: 2% increase in #hours and 3% increase in revenu.
  • Industrial jobs: 13% and 18% respectively.
  • Technical jobs: 11% and 14% respectively.


(Sources: https://www.abu.nl/actueel/nieuws/uren-en-omzet-uitzendbranche-periode-1-2018-week-1-4  &  Pixabay)

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