Supply chain collaboration platform in contingent labor: CLA-disentangling from network-power

The average contingent labor process has its hardest data transformation in translating the actual hours worked towards the correct pay and price. Files with signed off hourly statements are transported in from all kinds of clients in at least as many variants of documents. Eventually, the temps agent can have its fun in trying to make something of that data pile.

Issue or matter of fact?

One could say that this mess is part of the core service that the temps agencies run and that they just have to deal with it as it comes. Well, we fully agree on that first part, as do most of the temps agencies I might add, but with that second statement we think something can be done. Because let us be honest: there is no reason why you should keep having a mess just because you feel responsible for a function!

So let us zoom in, what is the actual issue here?

– Files get to the temps agent from various sources and thus are never of the same format and structure;

– The actual applicable collective labor agreement (CLA) differs in many cases;

– Which practically means that a potentially endless set of combinations trigger the setup of a potentially endless list of macro’s in Excel that is used on a weekly basis to rerun all te calculations to the timesheet data.

Optimize connected processes

We made it into our mission to get the world of contingent labor online connected and expose all its stakeholders to efficient and less error-prone processes. While we are at it, we would love for those processes to be distributed more fairly over the supply chain in its execution and efforts. Off course with that goal in mind, we do not simply focus on data-integration between systems and value chain partners. We consider the proper transformation of data in that same integrations to be equally important. Because in the end, running an effective process, is all about getting the proper data, at the right location at the correct moment.

One platform engine for all CLA-rules

From the moment that FlexForceMonkey started out in 2016, a CLA-disentanglement engine was part of her core solution. Being part of a supply chain collaboration platform allows for a robust approach where both buyer and seller accept the rulesets and various market players can leverage it at the same time. With that, a stable truth is captured that keeps on processing timesheet after timesheet, even while your Excel-guru is not in the office…

So basically we have just one question left: “Are you ready to join the collaborative flex experience?”

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