Collaboration in flex demands for system integration: Why we consider one platform for all buyer and seller traffic in contingent labor should be the standard

We get the feeling that all tech-companies the contingent labor realm are focussing more and more on connecting supply & demand at the moment of request, where we see a growing issue on the backoffice side of the process.

The growing gig-economy pushes the growth of flex-layers in the workforce and with that triggers many challenges. There is one sentence that nicely summarizes all this complexity: “how to tie flex-talent to your organization for the long run?”. But in reality we see many tech-solutions and daily behaviours focussing more on the derived version: “how to find flex-talent for your organization focussing on tomorrow only”?.

Digitize your end-to-end flow

If you would ask us, the joint operation with contingent labor (and we do not care if that is a large temps agency staffing your fortune-500 factory, handling the staffing of your mom & pop store with a local staffing-supplier, or whether that is a freelance copywriter for a local creative agency) goes way beyond just finding the right resource against a proper rate. Searching and fincing the proper girl or guy gets you started, but only then a long-term relationship takes off. That relationship is on the labor side off course, but often also in administrative processes. Getting flex-labor tied to your brand also asks for the proper attention in that follow-on process. Every action you take influences the experience of all involved. Think about signing off timesheets, communicating time off with all administrations required, and eventually paying a bill that is correct.

Connecting all software

In practice, many software components and apps are available that fix parts of these challenges, but usually one issue occurs. Often the end-to-end complexity of the software landscape is blocking progress. It can be rather easilly done to digitize the search for flex-staff. This is partly so because the communication platforms they are on usually all involve LinkedIn, Facebook or some kind of email engine. A rather small landscape to connect to. While in time registration and invoicing a multiple of products with rather low levels of market standardization is used. The proper intentions of buyer and seller are not seldomly lost in the administrative jungle of badly connected software, datamodels and a shortage of open standards & platforms.

So one plaftorm for all market players

To cover this lag in the market, we started developing FlexForceMonkey. We dreamt of building one plaform where all stakeholders in the flex market (buyers, temps agencies, consulting firms and freelance workers) could find value in collaborating on their administrative needs. One setup where we could function indepently from legacy software that is already in use within one of these players. Or even when you do not use any software at all, we want to get the flex market online & connected, so the drag of administrative processes is lifted for all.

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