International consolidation of temp labor markt continues

Last week, it was announced that the Japanese temps agency holding OCI took a majority stake in OTTO Workforce. This Dutch/Polish agency was founded in 2000 and focusses on labor migration between countries in the eastern part of the European Union and The Netherlands.

The temp labor market is shifting more and more into an international playground. Large global holding companies buy and consolidate various local brands. This trend is not only making migration for temp workers more easy, it is also making the market better equiped to facilitate global delivery.

Global delivery in blue collar work

A procurement fact in many large companies: global accounts ask for global suppliers on strategic spend categories. This was not always easy in contingent labor. But after the enormous growth in capabilities of consultancy brands like IBM, Capgemini and Accenture, the market saw global delivery on white collar work as a distinct possibility.

This current trend of international consolidation in temp labor will start to make global delivery also a possibility for blue collar work.

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